What Your Go-To Sleep Position Says About You

Did you know that the position you sleep in can indicate your personality type or even indicate if you tend to be  introverted or extroverted? How crazy, right?

From bed hogs to fetal sleepers you can get a general idea of someone's personality by the position they assume before dozing off. We recognize that those very first sleepovers with new friends or potential partners can be a bit nerve-racking and after you've spent hours talking you still might feel you don’t know them as much as you'd like to. While we do not recommend or condone analyzing / watching someone sleeping, a quick observation might give you some insight.

With this blog, you can gauge a person's personality just by observing one's sleep position.

The Fetal Sleeper

Let's start with the most popular sleeping position, not just among infants: The fetal position. Those who sleep with their legs curled to their chests and arms hugged into them are more likely to be introverted with a tough exterior. Often people choose this position because it is, by instinct, extremely comforting. I mean who doesn't like to curl into a ball now and then?

There is nothing wrong with being a fetal sleeper. It's actually been proven to increase circulation throughout the body as well as, help align your spine and help reduce back pain. Just make sure you have a decent pillow to sleep with and you should have an uninterrupted sleep with little to no strain on your neck and joints!

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The Starfish Sleeper

Are you known as a bed hog? If so, you might be a starfish sleeper! If you usually assume a sprawled out position, with your legs widely spread and arms out to either side of the bed, odds are yes, you are a starfish sleeper.

Studies show this position is the least common sleeping position. People who find themselves sleeping in this position are more likely to be extroverted with a very "unconventional approach" to life. However, they tend to be extremely loyal and will always be there if you need a helping hand. You might not want a bed hog at first but, they make up for it in their amazing personalities. Even so, you might also have to put up with a little snoring here and there as this position is known to induce snoring along with restless sleep. A small price to pay if you are looking for a loyal friend or partner.

For all my starfish sleepers out there, consider sizing up on your blankets to make sure you, and your partner, always have enough coverage. You can also size up on your cotton flat sheets!

The Soldier Sleeper

Whether you are trying to preserve space in your bed or you naturally enjoy sleeping in a stick-straight manor, you're a soldier sleeper! Soldier sleepers lie on their back with both arms right by their sides. If that sounds like you, you're more likely to be an introverted person who is more laid back, yet thrives on structure and organization. Our soldier sleepers out there seem to be the best sleepers to share a bed with because they don't take up much of the room. So if you tend to be a bed hog or a starfish sleeper, it might be beneficial to find yourself a soldier sleeper.

This position is highly recommended by professionals because it allows your neck to lay neutral. This helps align your spine and evenly distribute the weight across your shoulders which helps prevent any back pain. It also helps with premature wrinkles - score! The only known downfall to this position is it often invokes snoring as you age. If you or your partner are soldier sleepers it might be good to invest in some much needed ear plugs later down the line.

The Stomach Sleeper

Those who find sleeping on their stomachs to be the most comfortable are rather unique. This position isn't very common, but those who are avid stomach sleepers will tell you they like falling asleep no other way. People who gravitate towards this position tend to enjoy being social and they seem to truly be a free spirit. In contrast, they struggle to take criticism.

If you find yourself sharing a bed with a stomach sleeper you will most likely end up on the edge, as those in this position tend to be bed hogs. Unlike the other positions this one eases sleep apnea and snoring while increasing the risk of neck strain and back pain. When in this position, it tends to crunch the sensitive muscles that protect those areas. If this is your go to resting position, make sure to rest your forehead on a soft surface instead of turning your head to the side to reduce the chances of neck and back pain.

What's Your Go-To Sleep Position?

Are you a Fetal Sleeper or Stomach Sleeper? Maybe you're a Starfish or Soldier Sleeper? Perhaps you're even a mix and find yourself switching between two different positions. Tell us what you're sleep position is!